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Ready to use, no preparation needed.  Once opened, store In a cool dry place.  Each packet includes 3 bulbs with a weight between 160-170 grams


These sweet & buttery black jewels  with high levels of polyphenols, B and C vitamins, minerals with reputed neurological and cardiovascular benefits.

Simply eat as is , adorn a cheese platter or use to enhance any dish.  Sweet meets savoury, slightly smoky with hints of balsamic, molasses with subtle undertones of garlic.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for BLACK GARLIC (3 x BULBS)

  1. Lisa

    wonderful! amazing with blue cheese and a slice of honeycomb

  2. Lisa

    great flavour!

  3. Georgina Covich

    The black garlic is really good. Almost sweet and slightly sour. I’ve never had it and was not sure if I would like it or not. Just needing some ideas on how to use it I’m my cooling etc

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